Friday, September 30, 2016

At Last

Having volunteered for a few times now, Ive started to get to know some of the patients, their families, and their stories. Its interesting to see how different everyone is yet how they all share this experience in the hospital. Ive really been lucky to be working in the unit that I am in. The nurses teach me abbreviations, I get to see a lot of drugs in action, and I have the opportunity to relate what I'm learning in class to clinical practice. One of the coolest things i got to do was sit in on a ECG while the technician showed me the different valves and ventricles. 
While volunteering the other day I was able to help the nurses in a few of their tasks, one of which involved feeding a patient. The patient who had had a stroke, was only able to move one hand, but still had a sense of humor about the situation, which I found refreshing. I'm excited to go back next week and surprise my nurses who only have seen me in a wheelchair, since I've been approved by my doctor to walk! 

PS here is the video of my first steps after the wheelchair!

October Volunteer Hours: 12

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