Tuesday, February 28, 2017

lot to do in february

Blogging live from mardi gras! This city transforms like nothing i have ever seen before !! Its awesome. The people, the culture, the food. Unreal. There is so much to do so many bands to see, shows to watch, beads to catch. I love it!! I also have somehow manged to catch a sunburn in the middle of February

, I can definitely say that is a first. 

This month we had a couple tornadoes hit new orleans pretty hard so most of my volunteering this month is from disaster relief. The resilience that I have seen in the people of new Orleans is unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. So many of these people lost so much during Katrina and barely came back and here they get devastated by tornadoes but still play music in what was their driveways, and come together as a community. I have never seen more of a sense of family in strangers anywhere in the world. 
I have added pictures of the devastation below to give you a sense of how badly things hit. 

Hours served: 18