Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is it really January?

I'm not entirely sure how, but I have made it to January. The new year. So fresh, so full of opportunity. We've started some new classes for this semester, including: cellular control mechanisms, and endocrine pharmacology. I think that cell control is going to be immensely useful for whoever is taking or retaking the MCAT this semester.
Getting back into the swing of things after Christmas break is kind of difficult, it's like going to the gym after sitting around binge watching Netflix and ordering domino's. Maybe that's just me. This month I didn't do as much volunteering as I have other months but I did get to do some pretty cool new things. I am still in the transplant unit, so in addition to volunteering as I usually do I had the opportunity to shadow the clinical pharmacist and one of the transplant surgeons.
Shadowing the transplant unit's clinical pharmacists was awesome because I got to see all the drugs that we've been learning in action. Then following up with sitting in on a surgery was great as well. What was even better about sitting in on the surgery was that we had just finished general anesthetics and surgical adjuncts so I was able to see the anesthesiologist admit and monitor these drugs. I enjoy being able to learn about something and then see it in practice. I look forward to new experiences this semester and definitely want to dabble in a few different things.
P.S. It's the last day of January and it's 70 degrees out. Winter is something invented by the North. I'm never going back.
P.P.S. We have a new president. (Stay tuned)

Hours completed for January: 5